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Baste the Bear

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Many Strange Games' readers write to me and say, "Montegue, this year my son wants a medieval themed birthday party. Have you any suggestions for games to play?" To which I usually reply, "Baste the Bear".Also known as Bear Keeper, Baste the Bear reached its peak of popularity in medieval times and is even featured in Brueghel's painting 'Children's Games'. One player is the bear and is tied at

Medieval and Modern Egg Throwing

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Possibly the most ancient use of an egg for fun is Medieval Egg Throwing. Played in churches of the time, at Easter, the priest would throw a hard boiled egg to a choirboy who would then proceed to throw it to another and so on. A kind of medieval version of Hot Potato. Whoever had the egg in their hands when the church bell rang the hour was the victor and for his prize got to keep the egg.Over

Shin Kicking at the Cotswold Olimpicks

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Japanese have Judo. The Chinese have Kung Fu. In Gloustershire they kick shins. The British Shin Kicking Championships take place in Chipping Campden annually in June as part of the Cotswold Olimpick Games. Dress rules are very simple and elegant: competitors wear long trousers with straw padding attached to their shins underneath (otherwise it would be plain crazy). White shepherds' smocks

Greased Watermelon Polo

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The humble watermelon seems to be quite prominent in the world of strange games; if you are not chopping one in half, strapping the halves to your feet and skiing (watermelon skiing) then you could always headbut them in half (watermelon headbutting) or spit the seeds (watermelon seed spitting). In Greased Water Melon Polo, however, all you have to do is smear one totally and liberally in

Willaston World Worm Charming Championships

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

They may be able to charm snakes to come out of a basket in India but can they charm 511 out in half an hour. And can they do this under the watchful eyes of Fred the Weatherman. I doubt it. The International World Worm Charming Championship takes place this year on June 30th in the playing fields of Willaston County Primary School – watched by a large crowd of people and thousands of fascinated

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