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Walking Trippy

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Now to one of my favourite indoor game. Maybe its a favourite because I invented it with my dear lamented brother Eustace. The game is for two persons. Each walks towards one another at a reasonable strolling pace and in a direction so that you would pass each other quite closely. The aim is to trip the other person up as you pass. No use of the hand or arm is allowed and one mustn't break one's

Surface Dives

Friday, April 28, 2006

I first played surface dives at Basil deMontegue's party in Mayfair last summer. It's a game of never-ending delight and always elicits jollity.Place an open magazine (the Tatler works well) upright on the floor. Competitors then take turns to balance on one leg and pick the magazine up using only their teeth. No other limb must touch the floor or the magazine.For the more macho party members,

Hands on knees

Thursday, April 27, 2006

This game is utterly foolish but can lead to shouts of laughter. Youngsters especially love it. Everyone sits in a circle on chairs, their hands palm down on their knees. The competitor in the middle of the circle must try to slap one of the hands of the sitters. If he attempts a strike they can quickly remove their hands to the side thereby avoiding the slap on the back of the hand. But, they

Hunt the Feather

If you don't playthis game on a regular basis - well, you must be barmy. Six or more partygoers sit down around a sheet. They each hold the edges to make the sheet taught. A light feather is paced in the middle. One person remains standing outside the group and his aim is to run around the outside and try and grab the feather.The sitters blow the feather to keep it away from the hunter. If he

Lemon Golf

One of my absolutely favourite party games - Lemon Golf. This fantastic game is played with walking sticks and lemons. Simply chalk a course on the floor with circles for holes- or use cardboard cut out circles and see how many shots it takes you to get round. Even the most experienced golfer (say Ralph Guldahl ) will struggle with this game. Novices have just as much chance of winning.

Counting Out Rhymes: No 1

Like you, probably, I love listening to counting out rhymes. The audacious use of cadence, rhyme and onomatopoeia. Obviously 'Eeny Meeny' is both tame and demode. But, here is a modern one I have collected that I quite like. It's use, like most counting rhymes is to designate the person who is eliminated from being 'it'. Continue chanting until only one is left: "It". If only adult choices could

Hat Dance

A perennial party favourite. Easy to play but it always has everyone howling with lupine -like-laughter. Especially the onlookers.Two people wear dunces hats. Each tries to knock off the other persons hat first. Simple. For adults, create extra spice with the addition of a stick each.strange games no: 1 ...category : childrens parties

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